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Eyeway Conversation with Ekinath Khedekar

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with UK Chevening scholar Ekinath Khedekar, who is an adventurer at heart. A nature lover and a sports enthusiast involved with lawn tennis for the blind, Ekinath finds happiness in outdoor activities like tandem cycling,  half marathons and swimming. Despite making a start several yards behind the starting line, due to his vision impairment, weak economic background and lack of support in many ways, Ekinath is a corporate professional with successful stints at companies like Reliance and Wipro.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 6

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Pranav Lal, a specialist in cyber security. Pranav lost his eyesight due to Retinopathy of Prematurity, a condition that inflicts infants born prematurely. He started off his education in the Gulf using braille, and gradually moved on to digital mediums. With an academic background in Commerce and Business Administration, he shifted gears to IT when he discovered he could solve problems by writing programs. Pranav taught himself to write code when he was in Class 9.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 5

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Moses Chowdhari who is a person with low vision, working with Enable India in Bangalore. Moses was born to a farmer family in a village in Andhra Pradesh and his visual impairment was detected when he was three months old. Growing up, his family wasn't sure what life had in store for him, assuming that blind people generally end up singers or musicians. But his hard work, took him to a college in Hyderabad, where Moses relied on his friends to help him study.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 4

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Guneet Sethi who acquired blindness much later in life. But she never gave up on life. In a career of 30 years, Guneet has worked different jobs like teacher, communications specialist, creative writer and trainer. A motivational speaker, she is known for her recipe of a perfect cup of coffee! Do listen in to this delightful account of perseverance.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 3

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Payal Jethra who was born with a vision impairment. Payal, a single mother living in Mumbai, works for a nationalised bank where she handles mostly NRI clients as part of her job. Payal also enjoys writing about her experiences of parenting, spirituality and of course life with blindness. Listen to this podcast to know more about her life as a professional, a parent and most importantly, as a social being, always ready to engage with people. 

Eyeway Conversations Episode 2- Part 2

In this two-part conversation between George Abraham and Payal Kapoor, she shares her rather interesting life journey after losing eyesight at the age of 22. After rehabilitating herself and working with an NGO for a while, Payal went back to her first love, the hospitality industry. This time as a person with blindness. In her discovery of new things, talent and a new life, she has explored several new areas of work as well.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 2- Part 1

In this second episode of Eyeway Encounters podcast, George Abraham speaks to Payal Kapoor from Hyderabad, India. Payal was working with the famous Oberoi group when she suffered from Meningitis at the age of 22. As a result she lost her eyesight, her hearing and her sense of smell and touch. She struggled for six years until she decided to turn things around for herself. Today she is a successful blind woman doing multiple gigs. This podcast covers her life story in two parts. In the first part she cites her frustration, challenges and how she overcame them.

Eyeway Conversations Episode 1

In this first episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks to Dr. Meghna Verma who was a practicing ophthalmologist. Midway through her professional career and life, Dr Meghna suffered sight loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. She was lucky to have encountered George and Eyeway at a point in her life where she was grappling with how to overcome the new challenges. She took things in her stride and managed to transform her life in a way very few can. She worked hard to reinvent herself and today she is a qualified mental health specialist.


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