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Who is “The Single Rose” – Who is “Your Best Friend”?

By Payal Jethra

If you, like me are visually impaired, then I’d say all of us are “spiritually gifted. Want to know why? Because…….the one window of “sight pollution” is shut. This is an opportunity for us to turn inward- introspect; check and change. What is the one habit pattern you’d like to work on? How about connecting with “The Divine Charger”? – one whose energy is boundless, unlimited and vibrant!

Shruti Pushkarna: Why you shouldn’t call anyone blind or deaf?

By Shruti Pushkarna

As a little girl, I enjoyed going to book fairs and fetes with my father. Apart from the daddy-daughter time, I looked forward to buying new toys, books and other items of interest. Here’s a picture of a painted rock I picked out on one such outing. The text on the rock reads: “Daggers and spears are not as sharp as tongues.”


Shruti Pushkarna: Disabled Lives Matter: Time to take a Cue from America

Millions of people had their eyes set on January 20, 2021. The inauguration ceremony of the 46th President of United States of America being seen as a beacon of hope, to restore faith in democracy. Something the outgoing President had ridiculed in myriad ways, throughout his four years of governance (read disruption).


Waking up to a disabled-friendly media in 2021

By Shruti Pushkarna

New Year is all about hope. We go to bed on December 31, hoping that there will be something miraculously different about January 1. There is almost a Cinderella feel to it. For a short period, most of us believe that we will wake up to a changed, better scenario. I’ve decided to indulge myself too, and make this last piece of the year, all about what I want to see in 2021.



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