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U.P. Disabilities Commissioner gives decision in favour of blind person

Tue, 07/31/2012 - 10:15 -- admin

Times News Network, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

It seemed to be a never-ending struggle for 50-year old visually impaired U.N. Singha, until he got justice from the Commissioner Disabilities, Uttar Pradesh (C.D.U.P.), for inclusion of his initial temporary services period for counting towards his seniority. He works at Lucknow University.

The two-year struggle which Mr. Singha thought had come to an end is not yet over though. The State government and Lucknow University has decided to appeal against the decision of the C.D.U.P. This means that Singha will have to fight another round.

A visibly angry Mr. Singha served notice to the university authorities and the Vice Chancellor asking them to include him as a party as well, when the C.D.U.P. decision is challenged in the High Court. He says “I will also raise my issue at the international platform to highlight the plight of visually impaired, and the apathy they face in India.”

Mr. Singha started work in 1982 with the Lucknow University, under a temporary assignment for five months approximately. His experimentation period was extended for roughly two years. After this he was absorbed as lecturer and later as the Reader in the University but his temporary assignment was not considered as countable work.

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