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Eye care of a newborn child

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 15:07 -- admin

Some tips for the routine eye-care of the newborn child.

Eye care of the newborn child

Suggested are some tips for the routine eye care of the newborn child.

Tips for routine eye-care of newborn child

Do not meddle with the eyes of the newborn child. No such material as kajal or surma, etc should be put into the eyes of the baby. They do not improve the vision of the baby. On the contrary, they may cause eye allergies and infections. 
Maintain the necessary hygiene while handling the baby. The hands must always be washed prior to handling the baby and the baby must wear only clean and dry clothes. 
The baby should be kept in diffuse and dimly lit surroundings for a few days after birth till the child becomes comfortable with opening its eyes. 
Any discharge from the eye during this period must be viewed with utmost suspicion and a paediatrician or ophthalmologist must be consulted at the earliest.

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