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Eyeway Conversation with Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham and Shilpi Kapoor speak with the founders of the famous GAAD movement. Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion teamed up in 2012 to initiate what's well known as the Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It was a blogpost written by Joe Devon that started it all. In it, Joe highlighted the need for accessibility know-how to become mainstream among developers. Jennison spotted the post on Twitter and the duo ended up pioneering a global campaign!

Tune in to listen to their initial brush with accessibility, individual stories and how they reached out to their respective networks to create an impact in the tech community in the US and abroad. Almost ten years later, they are delighted to see the accessibility conversations go mainstream thanks to big tech companies embracing inclusion. Joe and Jennison have also started the GAAD Foundation with the mission to disrupt the culture of technology and digital product development to include accessibility as a core requirement.

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