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Eyeway Conversations with Akhil Paul

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Akhil Paul, the Executive Director of Sense International India, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with deafblindness in India.

Akhil has over 30 years of experience in the disability sector, with a focus on community-based rehabilitation of people with multiple disabilities. He was awarded a scholarship from the Perkins School for the Blind to study Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities (VIMD). Upon returning to India, Akhil began working with people with deafblindness, leading to the establishment of Sense International in India. The organization has since played a significant role in transforming the lives of around 80,000 people with deafblindness across the country, working with grassroots organizations.

Sense International India is the only national-level organization providing specialized educational and rehabilitation services for children and adults with deafblindness. The organization has unique technical know-how and expertise in providing information, guidance, support, and training. To learn more about Sense International India, visit their website at

In the podcast, Akhil shares the importance of awareness of deafblindness and shares insights on how to nurture and support a deafblind child. He sheds light on the different types of schools that cater to deafblind children, the education they receive, and the various learning tools available to them.

Tune in to learn more about the remarkable work being done to improve the lives of those with deafblindness!

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