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Eyeway Conversations with Anuj Dayal

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Anuj Dayal, Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. 

Anuj Dayal has been associated with the Delhi Metro since its inception and has won many awards and accolades as a leader and corporate communicator. The conversation touches upon the expansion of the metro, accessibility features, services for People with Disabilities (PwDs) and more. Listen to the podcast to learn about facilities a blind, hearing impaired or physically disabled traveller can expect while using the metro. The mother of metro expansion in India, DMRC strives to explore newer ideas and feedback from PwD users for building more disabled-friendly systems.
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This podcast is supported by BarrierBreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

(In this joint production of Score Foundation and BarrierBreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd., George Abraham and Shilpi Kapoor talk to people from across India and the world, about living life with blindness as well as the need to create an accessible and conducive environment for inclusion of persons with disabilities into the mainstream. Score is a non-profit trust working to change the mindset of people towards visual impairment. BarrierBreak is a social enterprise, pioneer in Accessibility and Assistive Technology in India and with a global footprint).


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