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Eyeway Conversations with Geetha & Saleesh

In this episode of Eyeway conversations, we get to hear about Geetha’s journey in her husband Saleesh’s words (as Geetha only communicates in Malayalam). Geetha, our guest, an inspirational entrepreneur from Thrissur, Kerala shares her experiences with the host, George Abraham.

Geetha was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the age of 13, a rare genetic disorder that causes gradual vision loss. By the age of 15, she had turned totally blind. Despite the challenges, she focused on becoming independent by learning braille and completed her graduation.
After her marriage to Saleesh, Geetha was keen to contribute to the family’s income but was rejected from the private jobs she applied for because of her blindness. But not letting that discourage her, she started a small-scale food business from home with the support of her husband and children. Fast forward to today, she has a team of 7 members working under her and has orders from across the country.

Tune in to listen to her story of beating odds and accomplishing her dream!

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