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Eyeway Conversations with Jonathan Mosen

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Jonathan Mosen, a popular broadcaster, advocate and a teacher. With a passion for politics, Jonathan is also the first congenital blind person to stand for parliament in New Zealand in 1993.

Jonathan takes pride in his blindness, almost crediting his disability with a lot of fortune that came his way in around five decades of existence. He started his stint in the radio at an early age of four and since then has worked and set up popular mainstream radio stations. He has been instrumental in bringing about legislative changes that have impacted blind people across the world. He currently works as the Chief Executive of Workbridge, the largest employment agency for disabled people in New Zealand.

Tune in to know more about his popular show, Mosen Explosion, Mushroom FM, an internet based radio run by all blind people, and of course his personal journey.

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