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Eyeway Conversations with Poonam Vaidya

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Poonam Vaidya, a Bangalorean who loves to read, write, travel and explore. Poonam lost her eyesight when she was in college, but unlike most people who take a long time to accept the sudden shift in existence, she was back in a week! Acknowledging her blindness, she focused on the next steps instead.

She trained to use a white cane and computers with screen reading software but her perspective widened after a life-changing experience at the Colorado Center for the Blind. Here she learned to cook, clean, experience adventure sports, self-defense techniques, even carpentry. Skiing, rock climbing, bungee jumping, nothing was impossible for the blind residents at the Center.
She returned confident to India, to pursue her love for words, and work as a content writer. Tune in to listen to her journey of breaking stereotypes and challenging attitudes.
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