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Eyeway Conversations with Simon Mahoney

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Simon Mahoney, a former Royal Marines officer, social work team leader, freelance artist and author. Diagnosed with a condition called Uveitis, Simon lost his eye sight at the age of 64. But in the next ten years, he not only learnt to accept and live a life with blindness but accomplished a great deal. 

He has written three books, the fourth one is on its way, he learned to cook and then wrote a book about it! He also re-learned to sail a dinghy using all his other senses mindfully, and now he is trying his hands at mountaineering and skiing. 

What's kept him going is not just his love for adventure but a simple philosophy, one of challenging possibilities. Tune in to listen to this magnificent account of a 74-year-old who doesn't consider himself to be disabled at all.

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