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Eyeway Conversations with Visually Impaired Filmmaker Anand Kulkarni

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with Anand Kulkarni, the first and only visually impaired filmmaker in Asia. At the age of seven, Anand was diagnosed with Macular Dystrophy which led to a gradual sight loss. But he managed to study with assistive technology and a great deal of support from his family. When Anand applied for a Bachelors in Mass Media, he was rejected by most top colleges in Mumbai. 

But life had visual storytelling in store for him, and he began his journey at KC College. He calls his 36 projects in college as his 36 failures but the best lessons in life. He was enamored by the idea of creating something out of nothing and he relied on his ability to hear everything minutely, or as he calls it, 'shameless eavesdropping'! 
With over 100 Digital works to his credit across Fashion, Luxury, Music, Liquor, Home Decor, Life Style, Healthcare and Sustainability, Anand is an award winning Director preferred by leading agencies and brands.

Tune in to listen to how a blind man ended up in a visually driven industry of filmmaking.

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