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Keypad for visually impaired users

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 17:16 -- admin; May 20, 2005

UK-based E.A.O., represented by Eaton Electrical Systems in Australia, has designed a new keypad for disabled users featuring bright blue key illumination generated from high quality L..E.D.s. This is now available in E.A.O.'s S.series keypad range.

Visual impairments, which often include the inability to distinguish between the colours red and green, can result in problems for users operating keypad driven devices.

The easy to read, blue illuminated 'S' series keypad is also available with a 'blind pin locator' which can be found on key 5, together with raised characters including ‘o’ and ‘x’.

E.A.O. also offers full keypad customisation services including solutions for full colour front plate designs as well as laser engraving and marking. Visually impaired users may also benefit from a 'Tiresias' font option, which has been specifically designed to aid legibility.

Available with either 12 or 16 keys, and in a choice of standard, telephone, or hexi-decimal II configurations, the S.series keypads feature a front plate and anti-pull-off keys constructed from Zamak that deliver a high level of vandal-resistance. E.A.O.'s 'S' series keypads have also been successfully implemented into vending machines and industrial machinery.

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