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KMC starts new centre for disability research

Fri, 10/01/2021 - 10:13 -- geeta.nair

New Delhi: Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College (KMC) inaugurated its new Centre for Disability Research and Training on Thursday.
With a mandate of including people with disabilities in higher education, 28 undergraduate students were given devices, including laptops, electronic (refreshable) braille display, daisy players (digital recorders) and tablets.
According to the college survey, it has 40 students with disabilities, of which 30 are undergraduate students.
The centre has collaborated with an NGO, Saksham, and launched “Aarohan” — an initiative towards creating opportunities for inclusion of students with blindness and low vision in higher education.
A college official said the objective of this programme was to create a level playing field for such students by providing reasonable accommodation based on their needs.
Meanwhile, the college also felicitated its alumnus, Yogesh Kathuniya, who won a silver medal in the recently concluded Tokyo Paralympics. Through a video message, Kathuniya wished the students luck and complimented the college for setting up a one-of-a-kind centre for disability studies.
Someshwar Sati, coordinator of the centre, said, “The centre has been established with an intention to enable students and faculty alike to promote disability as a legitimate field of academic inquiry and work towards creating an inclusive society. It provides a unique opportunity to deepen understanding of disability and partake in the process of spreading social awareness to bring about an attitudinal change in the society.”
In 2019, KMC had also set up a QR-coded guidance system under its digital vision programme.

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