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N.A.B.'s Integrated Education Programme

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N.A.B.'s Integrated Education Programme:

NAB Delhi: Integrated Education Programme

The Integrated Education Programme’ of the National Association for the Blind (N.A.B.), Delhi creates an appropriate learning and teaching environment for blind and low vision students.

Specially trained teachers of N.A.B. make visits to 'regular' schools and provide useful guidance to blind students, their teachers, principals and staff in conducting educational and co-curricular activities. They also provide braille, large print and audio books to these students.

Special equipment for writing in braille, mathematics and geometry, tape recorders, braille watches, talking calculators, white canes, school bags, etc, are made available to every child under the programme. In addition, special coaching is also provided by resource teachers in science, commerce, geography, geometry.


Transport facilities and scholarships are also provided to deserving students.


For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Vasantha Sampath Kumaran

Coordinator– IED Unit

National Association for the Blind, Sector V, R.K.Puram

New Delhi 110022.

Phone: +91-11-26102944, 26176379, 26175886


Click here to view the list of regular schools participating in N.A.B. Delhi’s Integrated Education Programme.

N.A.B. Haryana: Integrated Education Programme

Initially when NAB, Haryana introduced its Integrated Education Programme, the school authorities had doubts. However, the cobwebs were soon cleared due to the efforts of NAB, children themselves and concerned parents. Their programme has now reached a stage where school shows interest and enthusiasm to admit visually impaired children and provide them all help in imparting education.

Itinerant Teacher model of Integrated Education setting is being followed for imparting the education to visually impaired. In this model, an itinerant teacher caters to special needs of minimum eight children of a particular geographical area. These teachers also play counsellor’s role for parents, school authorities and community at large with a view to change their attitude towards misconceptions related to blindness.


Eight resource rooms are maintained which are located at Faridabad, Palwal, Rewari, Jatusana, Mohindergarh, Narnaul, Kosli and Bhiwani. In these resource rooms special educational aids and appliances, print and Braille books, educational recorded cassettes and recreational items are kept for use by the blinb children.

For more information, please contact:

President National Association for the Blind, Haryana Central Green, K.C.Road

N.I.T. Faridabad – 121001


Phone: +91- 129 – 2416883, 2416394



Click here to view the List of regular schools participating in N.A.B. Haryana’s Integrated Education Programme.

N.A.B. Karnataka: Integrated Education Programme


The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch’s Integrated Education (I.E.) Programme covers both rural and urban areas.


I.E. Units are started with CBR project in a taluk.

The visually impaired students are assisted by qualified Itinerant Teachers not only in their studies but they also teach them Orientation and Mobility. The I.E. teacher visits the homes of the wards regularly to motivate their parents. Following facilities are provided under this programme:

1. Text books, stationery, teaching and learning material, Braille kit/ papers (which help them to record their class notes).

2. A reader’s allowance of Rs.50/- per month is given to those who help visually impaired students in case he requires reading facilities. The reader support is given to blind students from class V onwards. Every year an integrated camp is organised to promote mutual interaction and learning and to orient and train sighted children to the special needs of blind children. For more information, please contact:



National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch

NAB Rehabilitation Complex, C.A. Site No. 4

NAB Road, Jeevan Bima Nagar

Bangalore – 560075


Phone: +91- 80 - 25281590 / 25281439




Click here to view the List of regular schools participating in N.A.B. Karnataka’s Integrated Education Programme.


NAB Maharashtra: Integrated Education Programme

NAB Maharashtra has favoured the itinerant model of integrated education wherein visually impaired children stay with their families and attend the nearest regular schools along with their sighted counterparts. All the children receive services of special teachers – itinerant teachers, basic educational aids and instructional material in an appropriate form.

Efforts are made to create a congenial social environment for all round development of children within their families and communities by taking up various HRD activities for parents, class-teachers, headmasters, peer-group, volunteers, etc. NAB, India also provides support services in the form of Scholarships and Sponsorship assistance, Braille Kits, Braillers, etc. to blind students.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. K. Raman Shankar

Deputy Director & HOD

Department of Education

National Association for the Blind, India

Rustom Alpaiwalla Complex, 124-127

Cotton Depot, Cotton Green

(Near Reay Road Railway Station, East)

Mumbai 400033

Phone: +91-22–23700953


Click here to view the list of regular schools participating in N.A.B. Maharashtra’s Integrated Education Programme.


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