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New bus stop 'talks to the blind'

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 17:14 -- admin; June 27, 2005

A new ‘talking bus stop’ for the blind was recently unveiled in Bristol city centre in England.The scheme was launched during National Deafblind Awareness Week on June 28. A small electronic key fob can be pointed at the Passenger Information displays installed at bus stops. The fob transmits a radio signal when pressed that activates an audio facility at the bus stop.

Passengers will then be told verbally the current time, the bus stop name, the service number, destination and arrival time of buses.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (R.N.I.B.) spokesman, Mike Holroyd, said: "We are delighted that Bristol is pioneering this new technology which has already been of tremendous benefit to blind and partially-sighted people over the last few months."

Councillor Dennis Brown added: "The new talking bus stops will make it a lot easier for people to get around the city and will encourage them to use public transport."

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