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Nethrodaya opens a park for the visually-impaired in Chennai

Fri, 05/28/2021 - 10:40 -- geeta.nair

Visually-impaired students currently residing at Nethrodaya now have a space to spend time at in the evenings.

An accessible, user-friendly park was inaugurated on the Nethrodaya campus a few days ago for these students.
“We have around 42 students who study in our school staying on campus and for them, this park is a welcome, accessible space. Owing to the lockdown, the students cannot step out anywhere as well and this space serves as their stress buster.,” said C. Govindakrishnan, Founder, Nethrodaya.

Blind Relief Association, Delhi in the launch of a COVID Helpline for the Visually Challenged which is serving since 28 April 2021.

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 16:08 -- geeta.nair

In the wake of the disastrous second wave of COVID-19 in India, the Department of Social Work, University of Delhi is actively partnering with the Blind Relief Association, Delhi in the launch of a COVID Helpline for the Visually Challenged which is serving since 28 April 2021. Depending heavily on the sense of touch, a visually impaired person is much more vulnerable and needs special care/attention to be able to fight the pandemic and living through the widespread fears and unforeseen difficulties resulting due to the second wave.

Scientists restore partial sight in blind man

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 11:07 -- geeta.nair

PARIS: Scientists have for the first time managed to partially restore the sight of a blind patient by altering his cells, according to the results of a groundbreaking study published on Monday.

The technique known as optogenetics, which has been developed in the field of neuroscience over the last 20 years, involves genetically altering cells so they produce more light-sensitive proteins.

NGO steps in with ration, essential items for disabled

Mon, 05/24/2021 - 10:49 -- geeta.nair

New Delhi: Avadesh (38), a physically handicapped person who   works as a helper in a shared auto, has hardly earned  anything in the past one month since the Covid lockdown has   been imposed.
“I met with an accident seven years ago,  which led to a dislocation of bone on my left leg. I cannot   walk properly but used to earn my living by working as a  helper in a shared auto on the Peeragarhi-Uttam Nagar route,  said Avadesh, the breadwinner for the family.

Disability podcast series Eyeway Conversations highlights importance of creating accessibility in physical and digital spaces

Wed, 05/19/2021 - 11:15 -- geeta.nair

Everyone wins when the environment and infrastructure around us is accessible and inclusive. Yet the conversation around disability in India is slow-moving when it comes to physical and digital spaces. Eyeway Conversations, a disability podcast series started by Score Foundation and BarrierBreak, is working to build awareness about this through conversations with disabled and non-disabled people from around the world.

Put your accessibility skills to use, join BarrierBreak’s Covid AccessibilityBug Bounty campaign

Wed, 05/19/2021 - 11:09 -- geeta.nair

Information can help stop the spread of COVID-19 but not everyone has equal access to critical lifesaving information about the pandemic. This is because most websites and apps related to COVID-19 around the world are inaccessible to people with disabilities. You can do something to change this! Put your accessibility skills to the test and become a part of the global Bug Bounty campaign. launched by BarrierBreak to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021. The #CovidAccessibilityBugBounty campaign is open to people around the world.

Drive in, transport facility for persons with disabilities

Fri, 05/14/2021 - 10:25 -- geeta.nair

Panaji: Sanjay School for Special Children in Porvorim is currently serving as a vaccination centre for persons with disabilities between the age of 18 and 45. To make it convenient for the disabled persons to get themselves vaccinated, the centre has also provided drive-in facility.
School chairman Guruprasad Pawaskar said that free transportation is also being provided for persons with disabilities staying in and around Porvorim to come to Sanjay School for vaccination.

Organic, printable device could restore sight to the blind

Fri, 05/14/2021 - 10:17 -- geeta.nair

Artificial retina’ created using a biomedical printing press

A Sydney engineer is developing a low-cost, 3-D printed electrical device that uses absorbed light to fire the neurons that transmit signals from the eyes to the brain, acting as an artificial retina for those who have lost this capacity.

A researcher at the University of Sydney is developing a printable device that acts like a retina and could one day restore sight to blind people. 


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