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“Visually impaired child” or “Child with visual impairment” – which is the better way to describe a child who is blind or partially sighted?

Becoming a parent brings with it a lot of happiness, hope and learning.
In case the child has some kind of visual impairment, what would you do? Will this increase anxiety, perhaps decrease your expectations from your child? A child is a child first. Teach your child to take responsibilities, provide him opportunities and help him excel. Every blind child is a potential resource and it is important to invest in them

This page shares a wide range of resources that would help parents of blind children not only appreciate and understand the potential of their blind child but also gain valuable insights and direction in parenting.

  3. BOOKS
  1. Helping children who are blind

    Authored by Sandy Niemann and Namita JacobIllustrations by Heidi Broner and Ahin Kumar Dutta What...
  2. A disabled child is an opportunity

    After nine months of anxiety, patience, anticipation and dreaming, when your child is born blind,...
  3. Role of parents

    As soon as the baby is born, the mother and father become attached to their child through touch –...
  4. Early intervention for children with visual impairments

    The magical transformation of the helpless infant into the curious, assertive and capable little...
  5. Observation and testing visual skills

    By Namita Jacob Listed below is the normal visual development sequence of a child.  Is your child...
  6. Signs of visual impairment

    What signs do you watch out for to know that your child might be having a visual disability? Namita...
  7. Self-care

    Parenthood is all about nurturing and looking after your offspring. It is never too early to start...
  8. Developing organisational skills in children - some tips

    Parents have a big role to play in helping their child gain the organisational skills necessary for...

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