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Posture and persona mantras

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 15:48 -- admin

Isn’t it true for all of us; we all want to be admired, appreciated, popular and congenial. What is it that makes Shahrukh Khan more popular than any other actor of his time? What distinguishes Maharani Gayatri Devi or Aishwarya Rai from other contemporary celebrities of their time? Is it only their physical beauty? Is it their distinctive style? Is it the way they dress?

No one can deny the contribution of all these factors but there is one thing that matters more than any of them: body language.

Imagine sitting in a park and someone passing by smelling very pleasant. You will automatically be positively inclined towards them, even though you do not know them. Similarly, a slumped posture may be alright in front of your friends but it would be most inappropriate in front of your boss. So it becomes quite apparent that our body language should be appropriate to the occasion.

It is said that you are never fully dressed, until you wear a smile. A smile costs nothing and has no caste, creed or colour. And it is the effective use of such features of body language that sets some people apart from the crowd.

Here are ten mantras of posture and persona which are sure to reap dividends. Try them and notice the difference!

Mantra 1: Keep your head straight; forward, erect, poised and in a posture of alertness

This would signify your interest in life: it has been observed that many visually impaired individuals tend to drop their head or look down in the absence of any visual stimulation. This is sometimes interpreted as a gesture of submission or lack of interest in life.

Mantra 2: Make eye contact

It is a universal phenomenon that people respond better when the person they are speaking to pays attention to them. A visible indicator of this is to look at them. Looking at a person implies making eye contact as well as pointing your head in the direction of the speaker. Not looking in the direction of the speaker can make it seem as though you are not interested in that person or what they are saying. When in a group situation or inside an auditorium, it is a good idea to ask for the position of the speaker. The speaker may be standing in front but his voice may come from either side, especially if a loudspeaker system is being used.

Mantra 3: Timing of eye contact is equally important

Blink your eyes at regular intervals as, a long stare may be considered impolite.

Mantra 4: Focus on the activity that you are currently indulged in

That is, if you are dialing a phone number then point your head in the direction of the telephone; if you are eating, look at your plate. It has been observed that many visually impaired individuals overlook this gesture. They presume that since they cannot see, it is not important to look at or point their head towards the activity.

Mantra 5: Try to avoid staring into space

This may come across as uninterested, lazy behaviour. Visually impaired people have a tendency to do this, probably because of the lack of visual stimulation. No behaviour becomes a habit until you allow it to be, and even bad habits can be got rid off by regular practice.

Mantra 6: Always be ready to greet people with a smile

But also remember to act appropriately for the situation. If you are sitting idle or alone, keep your mouth closed. It has been observed that many visually impaired individuals keep their mouth half open, which appears as if they are smiling, but like we said, choose when to smile.

Mantra 7: Relax your hands

Fold your arms one on top of the other or simply slip one hand into a pocket, if you have one. Another trick is to put one hand on top of the other when standing idle or hold your hands together, either in front of or behind the body.

Mantra 8: Keep your trunk straight and forward


Mantra 9: Hold your body steady with legs close together

A hunched posture combined with a wide-based, foot splayed stance sends negative, meek and withdrawal signals.

Mantra 10: Style yourself

Enhance your looks by choosing trendy dark coloured glasses. Get a sighted friend to help find a style that suits you.

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