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An Insightful Encounter

Twenty-six-year-old Dr Hitesh Prasad is an Ayurvedic physician who was born in Hassan district of Karnataka. He experienced difficulty in seeing when he was in primary school. An ophthalmologist recommended him to wear spectacles but rapidly decreasing vision resulted in frequent change of eye glasses.

When he was pursuing higher education, living in a hostel, he faced issues of night blindness. Embarrassed, he kept the fact hidden from his family and friends. He would heavily rely on his friends for help in studying and moving around campus. When things became worse, he underwent another eye examination after which he was diagnosed with Atypical Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare genetic progressive eye disorder.
However, Hitesh continued his studies and when he reached college level, he decided to pursue a degree in Ayurveda. He was also hopeful that alternative medicine might have some cure for his condition. To aid his education and career prospects, Hitesh learned to use assistive aids and technology. Using screen reading software, he could access information and resources on the computer and his smartphone. This not only opened up new possibilities for him but made him independent in many ways.

After finishing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Swasthavritta and Yoga (Ayurveda Preventive Medicine and Yoga), Hitesh was unsure of how to take the next step towards starting his practice. That’s when he attended an Eyeway Encounters session with Dr Priti Sharma, a Yoga consultant and Ayurveda practitioner with over 30 years of experience, who is also visually impaired.

The Eyeway counselor advised Hitesh to discuss his queries and inhibitions with Dr Priti to get a first-hand perspective. This interaction was life changing for Dr Hitesh who received not just encouragement from Dr Priti but practical tips on his career in Ayurveda. He now feels confident to pursue his dream of practicing medicine and helping others in need.

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