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An inspiring odyssey

27-year-old Vikram Sawaj from Rahuri, Maharashtra was born with albinism, a congenital disorder that causes partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.  Constant bullying for his different looks and vision impairment made his life a struggle. While his family was supportive, he faced rejection from other relatives and the surrounding community.

Despite a challenging school life, where his teachers lacked awareness on teaching methods and provisions for visually impaired children, Vikram still managed to get by Class X.

Fortunately, on one of his annual check-up at L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, he was introduced to assistive magnifying devices. This helped him study conveniently, scoring good marks in B.A and M.A in Commerce.

Having completed his education against all odds, Vikram still lacked direction on his future possibilities. At this point, L V Prasad Eye institute referred him to Eyeway which proved to be a life changing experience.

Our Helpdesk counselor in Maharashtra first assessed Vikram’s needs. He was suggested career options and ways to apply for various competitive examinations to avail those opportunities. In addition, he was connected with a scribe to help write his exams.

Eyeway’s constant guidance and Vikram’s hard work paid off. He secured a clerical role in a nationalized bank. Further, when he required assistive devices to carry out his work efficiently, the counselor shared the DOPT (Department of Personnel & Training) guidelines which mandate reasonable accommodation for blind and visually impaired employees.

Despite a tough life, Vikram is now at par with his sighted peers but he has the qualification and potential to achieve more. Eyeway is working to raise his aspirations as well as advising him to embrace technological solutions to participate in the mainstream.

Team Eyeway

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