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Lack of awareness impedes growth

A majority of blind citizens continue to live on the margins because they remain unaware of the possibilities of inclusion into the mainstream. Most parents admit their visually impaired children into special schools and often the lack of information leaves them grappling with very few choices for higher education.

One such case is that of 19-year-old Anirudha Deshmukh. A resident of Jalgaon, Anirudha has recently managed to clear Class X, and is at a juncture where his decisions will impact the direction his life takes from hereon.

The Eyeway counselor laid out a career path for him, apprising him of everything involved in the process. He was given options of inclusive colleges in cities like Mumbai and Pune. To stay away from home, he would need to work on his mobility skills, for which we suggested a few training programmes. To cope up with mainstream ways of teaching, Anirudha was asked to learn computers with the help of screen-reading software. Our counselor has also been trying to approach a donor to get him a smartphone that can help him read and navigate through new territories, independently.

Anirudha was also put in touch with a few student groups who could share first hand inputs, which are critical for survival. He shared his interests in pursuing a teaching job or appearing for the Maharashtra Public Service Commission exams. Eyeway encouraged him to follow his heart once he acquires the necessary skills of communication, mobility and computers. 

Our counselor was able to instill confidence in Anirudha, giving him the knowledge of how to tread a path that might have seemed unfathomable to him and his family. 



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