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Taking the first step towards independent living

Twenty-three-year-old Muskan was born into a well-to-do family in Delhi. She experienced eye sight problems from an early age due to a condition called Glaucoma. Her parents accompanied her to school every day so she wouldn’t face any challenges in pursuing education from a mainstream institution.

Muskan was able to write her exams independently up to Class VI, after which her vision deteriorated drastically, and she had to take help from a scribe. She learnt to use computers and smartphones with the help of screen reading software so she could read and write on her own.

After school, she aspired to become a lawyer, and started to prepare for the LLB entrance exam. One day Muskan had to urgently step out of her home but she couldn’t find anyone to assist her. That’s when she realised how important it was to be able to move around independently.

Muskan reached out to the Eyeway Helpdesk, seeking information on mobility training. Appreciating her first step towards independent living, the counselor assisted her with the contact details of a few organizations like the National Association for Blind, Blind Relief Association, All India Confederation of the Blind and so on. These places could offer her not only mobility but other life skills training programmes to make her day to day living hassle free.

After enrolling for the training, Muskan sought Eyeway’s help in identifying a scribe to appear for her law entrance exam. She was put in touch with an online platform where she not only found a scribe but also got access to a ton of accessible reading material.

To keep Muskan motivated and driven towards her ambition, Eyeway counselor asked her to follow video updates on our YouTube channel where she can watch inspirational and informative videos from visually impaired people as well as other successful folks from the mainstream.

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