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Tour operator offers Europe Walking Holidays for visually impaired enthusiasts

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 18:53 -- admin; Slough; August 29, 2005

A specialist walking tour operator has teamed up with a leading charity to provide walking holidays in Europe for visually impaired enthusiasts.

Waymark Holidays, one of the U.K.'s leading Europe walking tour companies is working with disability charity Vitalise to offer walking tours in Austria and Spain this year for visually impaired clients.

The trips involve easy to moderate walking, with groups consisting of 16-22 clients with a helper each and two guides.

Managing Director for Waymark Holidays Neil Saunders said the company had been offering such tours for over 10 years and the scheme has proven a success for all involved.

"Visually impaired people have heightened senses, so the trips have been chosen to capitalise on their enhanced sense of smell, taste and hearing, while giving them the chance to get out and walk in some of the most beautiful areas in Europe," he said.

"While some of the clients may not be able to enjoy the visual aspect of the scenery as much as full sighted clients, they can fully appreciate the crisp mountain air, the smell of flowers, the great food. We get many people coming back year after year to get this experience."

For details about Waymark Holidays, visit; Phone: +440(0)1753 516 477. For details about Vitalise Holidays or becoming a sighted guide visit; Phone: +440(0)845 330 0149.

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