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Visually impaired chess player develops website

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 11:09 -- geeta.nair

Pradhan, 22, counted among the top three blind chess players in India started working on the software application in 2019 for his own convenience. In 2022, he felt that he should vtake it to the masses and launched the website, “The website is more friendly for blind chess players compared to the existing ones that they use to learn and play chess. Almost all top blind players of India are using my website because it helps them play with ease,” he told TOI.

Pradhan, who is 100 per cent blind from birth  started playing chess when he was 10 years old. Currently,  he is working as manager in HSBC Bank, Gurgaon. His website   also supports popular chess applications like Chessbase  India, Fritz and Winboard.
Pradhan claimed his website can interpret diagrams, which other screen reading software such as JAWS and NVDA< cannot. For designing the website, he has been nominated for the universal design award to be conferred on him by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP), a private organisation, that partners with  the Centre to formulate policies on disability issues.

 .He won a gold medal in the ninth International Braille Chess  Association (IBCA) contest and world team chess champion for  the blind held in Ohrid, Macedonia from July 28 to August 7  this year. He also won silver in men rapid team chess in  third Asian Para Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Pradhan is now India’s top three blind chess play.

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