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Zen-inspired sensory enhancement

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 18:17 -- admin

Stefan H. Verstappen,; July 15, 2005

A book by Stefan Verstappen, Blind Zen: A case study in sensory enhancement for the blind and vision impaired , tells the story of how a blind woman's efforts to learn self-defence led to a unique experiment to adapt martial arts and eastern philosophy to develop new skills and increase self-confidence.

This book is guide-written for blind and vision impaired people as well as the people that live and work with them. It is useful also for martial arts instructors and sports trainers to provide insights and ideas for developing athletic programmes for blind people in their communities.

This book includes descriptions and scientific explanations of the unique Zen-inspired exercises that anyone can learn. It provides a new approach and exciting possibilities to improve the quality of life of vision impaired people.

This 165-page book, with over 85 illustrations, provides practical easy-to-learn exercises that teach how to:

  • Become more physically fit and active
  • Improve your sense of balance
  • Improve your sense of proprioception
  • Refine the sense of hearing
  • Train the sense of smell to gather information from your environment
  • Overcome the numerous fears associated with blindness
  • Become more aware of the unconscious sensory information known as synesthesia
  • Defend against an attacker

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