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Window keystrokes

Mon, 07/23/2012 - 17:04 -- admin

This is a tutorial explaining keyboard shortcuts (as located on a keyboard) for various tasks such as starting windows, reading text etc. These keystrokes might be useful for blind people using computers with JAWS, and also for friends/family of blind people who can guide them.




• Get Help: F1

• Open the Start menu: Windows Logos Key or Ctrl+Esc

• Open Windows Explorer: Windows Logos Key+E

• Open Run Dialog: Windows Logos Key +R

• Find File or Folder from Desktop: F3

• Minimize All Applications: Windows Logos Key+M

• Switch between open applications: Alt+Tab

• Quit the active application: Alt+F.


For Windows and Menus.


• Open the application control menu: Alt+Spacebar

• Move to the menu bar in application: Alt

• Choose a Menu item: Enter

• Move between menus: Alt, Arrow Key's

• Cancel or close a menu: Esc

• Cancel or close a cascading menu: Alt

• Open a child window control menu: Alt+Dash

• Close a child window: Ctrl+F6

• Open the applications menu: Application or Shift F10.


For Dialogs:


• Move through dialog controls or tab pages: Tab

• Move backward through dialog controls: Shift+Tab

• Move to another page: Ctrl+Tab

• Reverse direction through pages: Ctrl+Shift+Tab

• Move to first item: Home

• Move to last item: End

• Select or deselect in list view: Spacebar or Ctrl+Spacebar

• Toggle a check box on/off: Spacebar.


For Reading Text:


• Move One Character left: Left Arrow

• Move One Character Right: Right Arrow

• Move One Word Left: Ctrl+Left Arrow

• Move One Word Right: Ctrl+Right Arrow

• Move to Beginning of Line: Home

• Move to End of Line: End

• Move One Paragraph Up: Ctrl+ Up Arrow

• Move One Paragraph Down: Ctrl+Down Arrow

• Scroll up one screen: Page Up

• Scroll down one screen: Page Down

• Move to beginning: Ctrl+Home

• Move to end: Ctrl+ End.


For Editing Text:


• Copy: Ctrl+C

• Cut: Ctrl+X

• Paste: Ctrl+V

• Undo: Ctrl+Z

• Delete current character: Delete

• Delete prior character: Backspace

• Select One Character: Left shift+ Left Arrow

• Select One Character: Right shift+ Right Arrow

• Select One Word Left: Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow

• Select One Word Right: Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow

• Select to Beginning of Line: Shift+Home

• Select to End of Line: Shift+End

• Select to beginning: Ctrl+Shift+Home

• Select to end: Ctrl+Shift+End

• Select All: Ctrl+A.


For Windows Explorer:


• Delete files: Delete

• Rename a file or folder: F2

• Open Properties for Selected File or Folder: Alt + Enter

• Refresh a window: F5

• Switch between windows: F6 or Tab

• Go to a folder: Cntrl+g

• Go up one level: Backspace.

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