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Braille Keyboards

Braille keyboards are very useful especially for those visually challenged persons who prefer to type in Braille instead of the conventional QWERTY PC keyboard.
Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero Vision


  • Compact & Portable
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Does not require any drivers or software to be installed onto the computer & can act as a direct replacement for a normal keyboard in a Windows environment.
  • Can be connected to a Desktop or laptop computer with USB
  • Principal Braille keys and additional keys provide full cursor control, Ctrl and Alt functions
  • The 6 Braille input keys are arranged in a standard Braille line, with space, backspace & delete and new line keys ergonomically located below the Braille keys. A further lower line of keys provide on the left side, Ctrl and Alt, while on the right side is a cluster of 4 keys giving full cursor control.
Corded functions using the space bar in combination of the Braille commands such as TAB, ESC and Grade 1 Braille.
Directly type in Braille with automatic translation to English Text on the PC
Can be used with Duxbury Braille translation software version 11.1 and above to even type Indian language computer Braille in the language selected and typed for direct translation
Available in two models:
G1 Braille keyboard:For Computer Braille / Open Braille without contractions
G2 Braille keyboard: For Braille with contractions
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Keyboards for the blind
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