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Eyeway Conversations with Lainey Feingold

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham and Shilpi Kapoor speak with Lainey Feingold, an author and a disability rights lawyer from Berkeley, California. After being fired from her legal job of ten years, Lainey started her journey into accessibility for persons with disabilities. She works primarily with the blind community on technology, digital, and information access issues.

She is nationally recognized for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements without lawsuits and for pioneering the collaborative dispute resolution method known as Structured Negotiation. The American Bar Association published Lainey's book, 'Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits' in 2016. She likes to use this strategy to bring stakeholders together on the negotiating table rather than aggressively blaming companies and filing lawsuits against the lack of access. 

Listen to an award winning lawyer who likes to talk about accessibility in terms of motivation, innovation and inclusion!

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