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Online Weekend Class on Web Development with HTML and CSS.

Wed, 10/11/2023 - 14:35 -- geeta.nair

Online Weekend Class on Web Development with HTML and CSS.
Join the Journey of Creative Web Development with AKSH TECHNO!
Discover the magic behind web pages with HTML and CSS.
Learn to structure content and create captivating designs that make your websites stand out.

Why Learn HTML and CSS?
In the current scenario, Web development is establishing itself as a key profession.
With the ever-increasing demand for captivating digital interfaces,
HTML and CSS proficiency is vital.

What is HTML?
•HTML is the foundational language of the web which empowers you to shape the structure of web pages.
•It defines everything from layouts and headings to paragraphs,
images, links and crucial elements.

What is CSS?
• CSS is the magical script that animates your web pages.
• It allows designers to manage colors, fonts, spacing and layout ultimately creating the artistic formation of the web contents.

What Will You Learn in This Course?
This exclusive course comprises of HTML which is the base language and CSS which takes care of look and feel of the page.
Our course is specially designed to focus on the essential aspects
necessary for successful web development.
The major topics of our course include:
◦ Introduction to Web Development
◦ Introduction to HTML
◦ HTML Elements and Tags
◦ HTML Images and Media Files
◦ HTML Lists, Links Table and Forms
◦ Introduction to CSS
◦ Inline, Internal and External CSS
◦ Colour, Backgrounds and Text Styling
◦ Display, Positioning and Layout
◦ Transformation, Transition and Responsive Design
Course Details:
Course: Web Development with HTML and CSS
Duration: 4 Months [1 hour]
Fees: Rs 800 [Special Offer]
Class Timings:
7 PM to 8 PM [English]
8 PM to 9 PM [Hindi]
Days: Saturday and Sunday [Weekends]
Furthermore, the following benefits are included:
This weekend course has an estimated duration of 4 months.
You are welcome to choose this course with recorded lectures.
You will gain ISO certification upon successfully finishing the course.
Recordings and Practical Files will be provided for future reference.
We can admit only 3 to 4 students during each session.
Our course is accessible in both Hindi and English languages.
Registration link:
For further details or inquiries, you can reach us at: +917004013458 or +918447206016.
You can also email us at
Let's not waste any more time.
Start your web development journey with us.: Akarsh Vatsa


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