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Sports is an ideal means of promoting the integration of the disabled people in general and the blind. Blindness cannot be a barrier to participate or play any sport.  There are many sports academy and federations across the country training and encouraging the blind to take up and practice sports.  
There is a classification system that can help trainers and individuals understand the techniques and suitability for each potential player. If you wish to know more about the classification system,

If you wish to know more about the classification system, Click here.


From Matt Steven a young blind boy who can play different sports such as golf, basketball, football, American football, goal ball, baseball,tennis, bowling to Randy Pierce who sets off for his first hike to the White Mountains along with his guide dog Quinn. Algorithms is a documentary on the little known world of Blind Chess in India. Algorithms portray a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Masters, driven by a man with a vision. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. They are significant examples of people who have overcome challenges to be an inspiration for all.



The various sports scholarships that are available: 





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