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Learning to accept and seek solutions

Twenty-two-year-old Ritu L lives in Bangalore, Karnataka. At the age of two, she started losing her eyesight due to a condition called Diabetic Retinopathy. Her parents still put her in a mainstream school, so she wouldn’t feel isolated or left out. However, in Class 7, Ritu faced another challenge when she underwent cataract surgery for one eye. This further deteriorated her vision. 
Following this, she was heavily dependent on her classmates and mother to help her study, as she could not read and write on her own. She engaged the services of a scribe to write her examinations.
Recently, Ritu’s parents took her to a Bangalore based NGO, Enable India, which trains and empowers persons with disabilities, including those with vision impairment. It is here that Ritu met with the Eyeway Helpdesk counselor who patiently tried to comprehend the girl’s challenges. 
After repeated interactions, it was evident that Ritu was unable to implement any solutions being suggested to her by Eyeway or the team at Enable India. She was in denial of her condition and didn’t like to be addressed as one of the visually impaired people around her. 
While her parents were impressed at the way persons with disabilities moved around and worked independently in the office, Ritu simply wanted to continue relying on her parents’ dedicated caregiving. She was advised to enroll for a foundational training program which would equip her with life skills, mobility skills, basic computer skills and more. But she wasn’t ready.
So, the Eyeway counselor put her in touch with an expert team of counselors who will first work on helping Ritu accept her disability, be comfortable with her vision impairment and the limitations that come with, and subsequently nudge her towards solutions that would make her independent.
Her family is eager to see their daughter get a job, go to work on her own, use technology to carry out her daily tasks, and live a full life.
Team Eyeway

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