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Learning material

This is the title of a short story book which is to help visually impaired children learn concepts such as texture etc. This innovative methodology with pictorial depiction is the brain-child of Namita Jacob. The book is equally useful for visually impaired parents to teach their children.


How to use this book?

This book can be enjoyed by all children. Let your child feel along as you read to them. Encourage them to slide their fingers along smoothly rather than rubbing them up and down on each Braille word, much as you would use your finger as a guide to read a line of print. Take out each item as you tell the story and let the child feel it and act out the story with it. In time, the child should be able to find the object that goes with each page, just by feeling. This process allows for the development of attention, touch, sequencing skills, and basic concepts about objects and places – foundation skills for reading and writing for any child.


The book is printed in both English and Braille.

Forthcoming titles in the series:

  1. Meet my family
  2. Whose nose is that?


Published by:

Chetana Charitable Trust

15 Arunachalam Road


Chennai 600085

Phone: +91-44-22576425



For any further information on the book, please contact at the above mentioned address or contact Namita Jacob at


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