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Preparing visually impaired children between two and five for school- Part 2

By Supriya Das
The following article is in continuation of the first blog piece that appeared here, on Preparing Visually Impaired children between two and five for school. In the previous piece, Supriya Das talked about certain key areas where parents need to work in order to help their children to get into mainstream education system. One of those key areas focuses on Self Help and Independent Living Skills. To understand this better, we can further divide this into the following focus areas.


Media & Disability: How Media can be more inclusive towards persons with disabilities

By George Abraham
Often we hear journalists raise a question on behalf of persons with disabilities, “Is the government doing enough for the country’s disabled population?” Reporters and anchors accuse the government representatives for not doing enough to make the environment ‘inclusive’?
How about we turn this question around and ask our friends in the media, “What role does the media play towards inclusion of persons with disabilities? Does the media practice what it preaches?”

Visually Impaired Fashion Designer who aspires to make art and fashion more accessible to the blind

Kingston University fashion graduate, Bianca Von Stempel in conversation with Katie Turner
Describing her fashion collection ‘Tactility,’ showcased at this year’s London Fashion Week, and how it was inspired by her visual impairment, Bianca says, “What you miss out on, you reinvent.”  She says that she experiences the world as, “fragmented and at a distance,” so that an object becomes something different to her compared to how a sighted person might see it and that she decided to use this idea as the inspiration for her collection.

Can 4-6 month skill development effort realise what 12 to 17 years of education failed to deliver?

In 2014, we had interviewed close to 400 young blind Graduates and Post Graduates from Delhi University and colleges around the NCR. We were looking at recruiting candidates for a skill development programme aimed at Corporate placements. Sadly, we found that more than 90% of them lacked core employability skills and most of them were not quite trainable.

Eyeway National Helpdesk Launch Press Release- 21st December 2015

Mr. Lov Verma , Secretary Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment formally launched the Eyeway helpdesk for the blind at the Ministry’s office in Paryavaran bhawan on December 21st 2015. This is an initiative of Score Foundation with support from the Government, Essel Foundation, Tech Mahindra Foundation and the Hans Foundation.

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