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Career Centric Computer Skill Training

Thu, 06/16/2022 - 15:52 -- geeta.nair

Career Centric Computer Skill Training combined with Life Skill Training for the visually impaired by Mitra Jyothi.
Mitra Jyothi is now an esteemed partner of NIIT foundation and all our Computer courses are certified by NIIT foundation. The course participants will get Certificate Course in Active Basic IT (CCAB) and Certificate Course
in Digital Literacy (CCDL) certificates from NIIT Foundation after successful training and assessments.
Course Duration: 13 July 2022 till end of December 2022

 People with any kind of visual impairment/blindness who have completed their graduation and are seeking skill development to get into good jobs.

VI candidates who are in-between jobs and want to develop/improve their skills to get better jobs by learning the usage of Computers and improving their personality.

VI candidates who have written their exams and are awaiting their  results before taking the next step ahead

VI candidates who are doing distance education.

Candidates who look forward to over-all personality development,
skill enhancement, exposure, employability training, personality development
and those who seek to be independent.

Why should you join this course?

•       Make yourself more "Employable" by being "Computer Literate"
•       Become "Internet Savvy"
•       Open up a whole new world of Education and Awareness
•       Improve your personal competencies with the help of our
•       personality development sessions
•       Improve your communication skills with our spoken English classes
•       Enhance your English writing skills and spellings
•       Improve your Orientation and Mobility skills and become
•       independent
•       Know your rights and how to exercise them with the help of our
•       Legal Awareness class
•       Mitra Jyothi's Job Placement cell will provide its support to
•       facilitate Job Placements for trained candidates

Course Content:

•       It is a 6-month residential fun filled life skills development program for
•       the visibly impaired!
•       Personality development sessions
•       Spoken and Written English classes
•       Orientation and Mobility Training
•       Computer skills with Windows 10 Operating System;
•       Introduction to Computers
•       Machine, Keyboard and Screen orientation
•       Typing lessons with 'Talking Typer"
•       Screen Reader - Introduction to NVDA and NVDA training
•       Software and hardware overview
•       Storage devices
•       Computer Accessories
•       Screen Navigation and manoeuvring across screens and tabs
•       Introduction to Windows
•       Files and file management
•       Notepad, Calculator and other simple programs
•       Software downloads
•       Using MS Office Products with emphasis on Microsoft Word, Excel & Power
•       Point
•       Email usage and email etiquette
•       Introduction to JAWS and tips on using JAWS instead of NVDA
•       Enriching experiences with peer groups
Other Activities:

•       Workshops on Legal Literacy, Health & Hygiene education.
•       Experience sharing from successful VI candidates from various
•       Multinational Companies
•       Career guidance
•       Visits to a bank and ATMs specially designed for the visually
•       impaired
•       Cultural events
•       Signature training

Teaching aides and equipment used:

•       Computers with Windows10 operating system and Office 2013
•       NVDA
•       Talking Typer
•       Spell tool
•       Head sets
•       Self paced exercises for each concept.
•       Monthly Tests and final assessment.
•       Designed Curriculum with computer concepts and employment aspects.
•       Tactile Diagrams
•       Other training equipment for O&M training

Course Format:

•       Residential 6 months course with in-house dormitories for men and women. In
•       order to conduct the course effectively, students staying in dormitories
•       cannot go home for the duration of the course, leave of absence will not be
•       permitted unless in the case of emergencies.
•       Computer classes from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM from Mon to Sat with specific time
•       slots for;
•       English classes
•       Personality development sessions
•       O&M training hours
•       Planned dates for workshops and events
•       Food and accommodation will be provided for the duration of the course.
•       Employment assistance shall be provided for eligible candidates based on
•       their performance.

Joining Procedure:
Call Mitra Jyothi at Ph: 080-22587623/25 Ext. 30 and register yourself if
you are eligible!

A basic telephonic screening/interview will be conducted to check
eligibility and candidates will be shortlisted.
Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.
Candidates have to register at Mitra Jyothi for the course; the registration fee for the course is Rs. 200.
Refundable deposit of Rs. 500 needs to be paid. Accommodation with food along with training is available at a nominal charge Rs.1000 per month.
All students will stay at Mitra Jyothi's dormitory during the course of the training.
The training is open to boys/men and girls/women.
Call Mitra Jyothi and register as soon as possible, seats are available on a first come first serve basis.


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