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Eyeway Conversation with Ekinath Khedekar

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with UK Chevening scholar Ekinath Khedekar, who is an adventurer at heart. A nature lover and a sports enthusiast involved with lawn tennis for the blind, Ekinath finds happiness in outdoor activities like tandem cycling,  half marathons and swimming. Despite making a start several yards behind the starting line, due to his vision impairment, weak economic background and lack of support in many ways, Ekinath is a corporate professional with successful stints at companies like Reliance and Wipro. He made the most of his education at a special school as well as mainstream premier institutions in Mumbai. His passion for learning took him to London where he pursued his interests in Law and Sustainability. Listen to this account of a visually impaired person who isn't shy of accepting his disability, working hard and setting higher goals at every juncture in his life. 

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This podcast is supported by BarrierBreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

(In this joint production of Score Foundation and BarrierBreak Solutions Pvt. Ltd., George Abraham and Shilpi Kapoor talk to people from across India and the world, about living life with blindness as well as the need to create an accessible and conducive environment for inclusion of persons with disabilities into the mainstream. Score is a non-profit trust working to change the mindset of people towards visual impairment. BarrierBreak is a social enterprise, pioneer in Accessibility and Assistive Technology in India and with a global footprint.)


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