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Eyeway Conversations with Aarush Bhat

In this episode of Eyeway Conversations, George Abraham speaks with a young, visually impaired tech geek, Aarush Bhat who believes in the power of technology for an inclusive world.

Blessed with supportive parents, Aarush could pursue his interest in technology from a young age.  His first stint with coding started in class five when he was able to make his own website. Ever since there has been no looking back. He has independently written his examinations using computers, proving that blind students could achieve everything with the right tools and an inclusive environment.

One of the highlights of Aarush’s school life has been his participation in the one-week space camp at Huntsville, Alabama on a 100% scholarship offered by SIVIS, where he networked with bright minds and learnt about the technology used in space. Besides procuring several certificates through his MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) learning journey, Aarush has developed learning software to help other visually impaired students study advanced stem subjects using computers.

Aarush is also known for his contribution to Vedantu, an Indian online tutoring platform, where he worked as an intern to guide their tech and pedagogy professionals on making study material more inclusive for visually impaired learners.

His hard work and ‘never give up’ attitude have landed him a seat at the University of Alberta, Canada, for a graduate program where he will study to become a software engineer.

You can follow Aarush on his YouTube channel ‘Inclusion The Motto’!

Tune in to be inspired by his life!

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