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State Government Provisions

According to the Person’s with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995, each state in India has to, by notifications, make schemes for the easy implementation of the provisions of the Act. Currently, we are working on preparing a detailed list of every state or union territory, and will place them here as we progress.

For further details on concessions/facilities, please contact the Director, Social Welfare Department of State or the following officials of the respective State/Union Territory.

For education/scholarship

  • District Inspector of Schools.
  • District Education Officer.
  • District Social Welfare Officer.
  • Directorate of Education.
  • Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.
  • Principal of School

For training

  • Principal, Industrial Training Institute.
  • Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.
  • Directorate of Employment & Training.
  • Director, Directorate of Technical Education and Training.
  • Vocational Training Institute specifically meant for the disabled persons
  • Industries Promotion Officer, Block Development Officer of your area,
  • Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your district.
  • Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries Centre of your district.
  • Head of Government Training Institute of your area.

For employment

  • Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Employment Officer of Special Employment Exchange for physically handicapped of your state.
  • Employment Officer In-charge, Placement Cell of Handicapped, District Employment Exchange of your district.
  • Placement Officers of leading voluntary organisations working for employment of disabled persons.
  • Refer advertisement of Staff Selection Commission, Union Public Service Commission, Banking Service Recruitment Board, Post & Telegraph Department, State Public Service Commission and Collectorate advertisements in which number of vacancies is being advertised as reserved for the disabled persons.
  • Director, Directorate of employment.

For self-employment

  • Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Director, Directorate of Social Welfare.
  • District Social Welfare Officers.
  • Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your District.
  • Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries.
  • All the Nationalised Banks.
  • Sub-Divisional Officer, Telephone Division of your area for telephone booth.
  • Chairman of Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, N.A.C.s for allotment of kiosks, selling outlets, license for cart-puller etc.
  • President - Lions Club, Rotary Club, Y's Men Club and other social clubs/societies.

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