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State Schemes

The official estimated number of disabled population in India as per the population Census 2011 is found to be 2.21 crore. However, estimates vary across sources and a new World Bank Report on disabled persons in India has observed that , there is growing evidence that people with disabilities comprise between 5 and 8 per cent of the Indian Population. The Government of India has several policies for people with disability to address their specific needs. Schemes have been formulated to combat the challenges of people with disability in the domain of education, health, socio-economic and employment. Besides, PWD act 1995,  ratification of UN convention of PwD, Biwako Millennium framework and other treaties have compelled Indian government to take affirmative actions and set up policies to remove barriers which interplay in the full and active participation of people with disabilities in the mainstream development of the nation. Keeping this in mind, the government has formulated policies and laid down laws in order to provide various facilities to disabled people. Although each state has their own policy for disabled, access to and utilization of these policies is a major challenge because of number of factors, such as, lack of public awareness about the government provisions and facilities, inaccessibility of information, lack of monitoring mechanism of the schemes etc.

Against this backdrop, the research officer at Score has been engaged in research to collect information about state level schemes made available to people with disabilities and analyzing this information. Right to Information application have been deployed as a tool to collect the information. All states except some union territories have been targeted.

Currently, we have covered 30 states in the project. However we havenot recieved any information from Arunachal PRadesh, nor is any information existing on their website. Information regarding State schemes from about 29 states can be found below:

  1. Delhi
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Assam
  4. Bihar
  5. Chandigarh
  6. Chhatisgarh
  7. Goa
  8. Gujarat
  9. Haryana
  10. Himachal pradesh
  11. Jammu and kashmir
  12. Jharkhand
  13. Karnataka
  14. Kerala
  15. Madhya Pradesh
  16. Maharashtra
  17. Manipur
  18. Meghalaya
  19. Mizoram
  20. Nagaland
  21. Orrisa
  22. Punjab
  23. Rajasthan
  24. Sikkim
  25. Tamil Nadu
  26. Tripura
  27. Uttar Pradesh
  28. Uttarakhand
  29. West Bengal

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