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Envisioning a future after sight loss

Thirty-three-year old Swarup Kumar was leading a normal life in his hometown, Hyderabad, until a few years ago. Educated with a degree in Commerce, he started his career as an Accounts Executive. As he climbed up the success ladder, changing jobs and building new relationships, Swarup was happy with his progress.
Suddenly one day, he experienced blurriness in one eye. He was diagnosed with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), a disease inherited from one’s mother. As a result, Swarup lost his eyesight and working independently became an everyday struggle. In the beginning, he relied on help from colleagues but that arrangement didn’t last long due to the Covid lockdown.
He ended up losing his job and confidence. It seemed that all the acquired skills became irrelevant in the face of his blindness. While looking for solutions online, he came across the Eyeway Helpdesk and decided to call. The helpline counselor was well versed with the psychology of a person who lost his eyesight at a later stage in life. Swarup was apprised of possibilities and innovations in technology that could equip him to reorient and live independently once again.
Wasting no time, Swarup enrolled for a course in using computers with the help of screen reading software at the LV Prasad Institute in Hyderabad. This four-month training has enabled him to read and write on his own. Now he wants to build a career in IT for which Eyeway has recommended web and software development programs as well as organizations that offer the same.
He may have lost his eyesight, but Swarup can envision a bright future given all the information and guidance offered by Eyeway.


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