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Thirty-five-year-old Sarika Uike belongs to Yavatmal, Maharashtra. She was born sighted to a low income family. After completing her Class 12 in 2007, Sarika wanted to support her father and she managed to get a job as a resource teacher on a caste quota. But it was a temporary posting at a low salary because she hadn’t completed her D.Ed.
Once she completed her degree in 2016, Sarika was made a permanent employee and offered a decent compensation as well. But two years later, life took an adverse turn and Sarika lost her eyesight due to a prolonged migraine problem.
Suddenly she was in the dark and without a job. She remained confined in her home for the next few years. It was one of her colleagues who told her about some provisions regarding acquired disability, and how she could not be asked to leave.
Sarika did some digging and came in touch with the Eyeway Helpdesk, which disseminates information about living life with blindness. The counselor in Mumbai explained to Sarika that she cannot lose her job based on disability acquired during the job. And despite her blindness, she will be able to perform her teaching role. She was guided towards rehabilitation in terms of digital skills to support with her work. 
The Eyeway counselor apprised Sarika of the law stated in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 as well as the guidelines issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, which mention no discrimination can be meted out on grounds of disability.
As per rules, she is entitled to her job with some modification and training, as per requirement. With Eyeway’s guidance, Sarika submitted an official application to her organization’s Director and Deputy Director, stationed in Amravati. She even took the help of an MLA in Amravati and three others from the education department.
As a result, ten months later, she was hired back in the same role. And she is even due to get her back wages. This will really help ease her financial troubles and revive her confidence. Sarika is now planning to learn computer skills and use of smartphone with talkback so she can function independently without compromising on her output at work.  
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