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No jobs for individuals with multiple disabilities?

Unemployment rates of our country are alarming, especially when the youth population is much higher compared to the number of jobs available. The government sector reserves 4% jobs for persons with disabilities. Yet out of the 1.3 crore employable population, only 34 lakhs have jobs across the organized and unorganized sector. Employability is a bigger challenge for those with multiple disabilities.
23-year-old Pranav Sathe and 20-year-old Faiza Shaikh are both residents of Mumbai, Maharashtra. They both come from middle class families. While Pranav’s father is a lawyer, Faiza’s father works in sales.
Pranav’s brain was hemorrhaged during delivery which led to loss of eyesight and a learning disability. He is nearly totally blind now. Similarly, Faiza was born premature, and over exposure to light in the incubator resulted in loss of sight as well as a learning disability.
But both managed to study and complete their school education through distance learning. Pranav is fond of music, so he joined a WhatsApp group where people share their skills with each other. Faiza is not very clear as to what she wants to do next.
When their respective parents came in touch with the Eyeway Helpdesk in Mumbai, they were encouraged to enroll Pranav and Faiza in training programmes that will enhance their employability.
With guidance from the counsellor, Faiza and Pranav enrolled in the computer course and an online spoken English course at the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. As the two pursued their training which would boost their confidence, the counsellor searched for vocational training institutes that cater to people with blindness as well as learning disabilities.
Unfortunately, not many institutes venture into skilling people with this unique combination of disabilities, putting a big question mark on independent living for people like Faiza and Pranav.  
They too to deserve to lead financially self-reliant and dignified lives. If you know of any NGOs or trainers that can help with upskilling or employing Pranav and Faiza, please get in touch with Eyeway. Write to us at
Team Eyeway

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