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Supporting his dreams and showing the way

20-year-old Vicky Prasad from Nalanda district of Bihar aspires to be a teacher. But like him, even his dreams are confined to the four walls of his home. He is the youngest and the only blind son among five siblings.

Vicky went to a special school for the blind in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. An unfortunate incident on an excursion, where he accidentally fell in a lake led his parents to believe that it was too dangerous for their son to be on his own. He was forced to return to his native place.

Days turned into months and then years, but nothing changed for Vicky. He became dependent, relying heavily on his family for his day-to-day needs. While everyone in his family went about their daily lives, he craved to live a life of his own, independently. Luckily, he heard about Eyeway through Hamari Vaani, a social media platform for persons with disabilities.

Without wasting time, Vicky reached out to Eyeway. Our Helpdesk counselor told him about myriad possibilities of independent living, despite blindness. Vicky shared how more than him, his parents needed convincing on his ability to move out of his home. The counselor spoke to his parents, citing examples of successful blind people and apprising them of various provisions and training programs that could be beneficial.  Eyeway assured them that their son stood an equal chance, if provided the right support.

After continuous follow-ups, the family agreed to accompany Vicky to Delhi where he will undergo a three-month mobility and handicraft training from the National Association for the Blind. He will also enroll for higher education simultaneously.

In a bid to protect their blind children, parents often don’t think about a future scenario when they won’t be around. Time and again, Eyeway’s interventions have proved how appropriate guidance and knowledge can transform lives.

Team Eyeway

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