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Tourist brochures in Braille

Tue, 07/31/2012 - 10:44 -- admin

Six welcome centres in Connecticut (in the U.S.A.) provide tourist brochures and welcome guides in Braille and in large prints. This initiative will help travellers with visual disabilities visiting the state. They can also get access to an audio version of the information brochure.

The idea came to a traveller, Ms. Junerose Killian, a few years ago while travelling through Georgia (U.S.A.). She noticed that the welcome centres had guides and pamphlets in Braille. When she returned to Connecticut, she set about making Braille tourist brochures available in the state. "The world is a sighted world, and we have to live in it," Ms. Killian said. "So I wanted to help out and make a change."

Her idea was carried out by the State Board of Education and Services for the Blind, which printed thick books in Braille, filled with information about Connecticut as well as books in large print. The agency also made a computer disk that provides audio information for travellers. All three formats are now available for travellers to take with them from the welcome centre.

"I am very excited that this (welcome guide in Braille) has finally come (true), and it will help many people," said Ms. Killian, who was born legally blind to blind parents. "When they died, the torched was passed on to me to help people."

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