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The Inspiring and Astounding Work of Visually Impaired Indian Photographers

By Anoushka Mathews

Visually impaired people from India are exploring a visual art form like photography. Here’s to the techniques that guide them and the passion that motivates them.

So many in our country are shocked at the mention of photography by the blind, they cannot seem to wrap their head around the concept. Why and how would a blind person take a photograph?  Like most photographers, persons with blindness too have been drawn to photography out of a curiosity to explore the world through images.

How Miranda House, DU Is Using Technology to Make Navigation for Its Blind Students Easier

By Anoushka Mathews & Shruti Pushkarna

With the new batch set to begin their academic session in Delhi University, visually impaired students of Miranda House will find it easy to navigate their way around campus using the recently installed digital talking signages by the college’s enabling unit.


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